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Meet Tips

Below are some suggestions of things you can do to prepare for meet days 

  • Arrive with your team suit on and team shirt over
  • Sunscreen already applied 
  • Cap & goggles (pack a backup of BOTH they do go missing or break)
  • Tic-tac-toe already applied with a sharpie (no sunscreen on tic-tac-toe area or it will rub off)
  • At least two towels (one for sitting on & one for drying off)
  • Healthy snacks & drinks (or plan to buy those things from concessions & bring them to your child - children under 10 will not be allowed to leave the tent to purchase food/drinks unattended)
  • Coloring books/playing cards/other activities that can be done while sitting & waiting for races (no balls or activities that involve running/jumping around and/or disturbing the other swimmers waiting for races under the tents)
  • NO electronics

Additional information:

All children ages 7 & up will stay under the tent after their individual races are done until age appropriate relays are complete. Even if your child is not scheduled to compete in a relay, he/she may have to fill in if circumstances require.

Children 6 & under may leave to sit with parents after all of their individual races are complete but MUST sign out with tent parent 

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