Swim season update

The league directors met on April 15th and we are now at Plan C, see part of Donna's email below. 

Plan C: run a delayed season but cancel Division Championship and the All Star Meet 

Plan D: cancel the formerly scheduled dual meet season but offer that whenever pools open for teams to decide if they want to run 'unofficial meets' or simply offer stroke instruction and other teams may decide that they are not going to get in the water this summer.

  1. We are now at Plan C whereby the Division Championship and All Star Meets are being cancelled for 2020.
  2. Returning 2019 MSSL judges working in the same position and returning 2019 Head Coaches are EXEMPT from attending a 2020 Rules Clinic.
  3. The Rules Clinic dates, times, and location will probably change and only be for new judges, returning judges who are working in a new capacity, and new head coaches.
  4. Only 1 Scorekeeper Clinic may be run in 2020--date, time, and location unsure at this time.

I have talked with Jeff and Coach Georgette, depending what happens with social distancing, we still plan on having an unofficial season if it comes to Plan D. With schools closing the remaining of the year, we really don't know what could happen and are just waiting. We are not opening registration until we know more about social distancing numbers. We might have to lower our numbers in age groups. We have some ideas on how to make it work if it comes down to an unofficial season. I will keep you posted when we learn more. Stay safe & healthy!

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