IMPORTANT swim info

We have a fun season planned and lots of info but first I want to introduce the coaching staff!!!! Head Coach is Georgette Lockwood! Assistant Coaches are Walker Butler, Ashley Wood and Andrew Jeffery!

Practice is Tuesday-Friday

5/6 group is 7:30-8 am

7/8 is 8-9 am

9/10 is 9-10 am

11 & up is 10-11 am

Parents are NOT ALLOWED past the gate. You can watch anywhere outside the fence area, you can bring a chair. This is the #1 rule of the season for parents. If you break this rule, your swimmer could loose their spot on the team. If you have a question for the coaches, please email them. We do have specific volunteers that are allowed to be in the fenced area to help with social distancing & keep eyes on the water. Swimmers need to leave the fenced area as soon as practice is over.

If your swimmer has been exposed recently or anytime during the 8 weeks to COVID-19, PLEASE DO NOT BRING THEM TO PRACTICE! If your swimmer is running a fever or doesn't feel well, keep them home. The coaches will have their temperature checked every morning, this is not mandatory for the swimmers but is recommended the parents do at home before practice, along with washing hands. Coaches DO NOT COACH with mask on! 

This is all new territory for us, we understand some are nervous about this. If you have any concerns, please email me. We want this season to be fun for the kids and not stressful, if you have decided this season isn't going to work for your family, please email me asap! We do have a waitlist for some age groups & respect your decision, this season isn't for everyone and we understand.

Practice is Tuesday-Friday! We are working on scheduling some sort of meets. Since we have a waitlist, practice is not mandatory but if you're planning on missing a lot please reconsider doing the season. We plan on using lanes 1 & 4 on one end and 3 & 6 on the other end. Your swimmer will stay in the same group with the same coach for the first week. We tried to mix girl/boys in each group to help minimize touching but please talk to your swimmer about this. This could change at anytime and is up to the coaches. If your child doesn't follow guidelines they could be removed from the team. If the state changes restrictions we could add more swimmers to each group.

Due to Covid-19 we WILL NOT loan out goggles or swim caps. Please make sure your swimmer comes with proper swim wear, goggles and cap. Caps are not mandatory but are recommended, you can buy a cap on amazon.  Girls need one piece and boys need jammers/speedo, these can also be purchased on amazon or you can go to swim freak but we don't have a specific suit this season.

Private lessons will be scheduled using the same google calendar as the past. To sign up for lessons email fairoaksranchsharks@gmail.com to get a link to access the calendar. You will need a gmail account. The coaches will open more lessons as needed. Here is instructions on how to sign up for lessons. https://fairoaks.swimtopia.com/sign-up-for-lessons. Please make sure you do not add your personal events to the swim lesson calendar.

If it is raining, we will send an email and remind about practice.

5/6 age group.....this practice is only 30 minutes, please don't be late!!! Your swimmer must be able to swim the whole distance. The first day the coaches will evaluate your swimmer.

We have some new coaches and they have come up with some fun games & competitions! This season might look different but I promise the swimmers are going to love it! See yall tomorrow!!!

Jamie White


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