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It is the goal of the Fair Oaks Ranch Swim Team Board to run smooth and effective meets, as well as increase family involvement. In order to reach our goal, it is the policy that at least one member of every family on the team volunteer actively for the Fair Oaks Ranch Swim Team. If this family volunteer obligation is not met, the swimmers in that family will not be allowed to register next year along with the returning swimmers. They will have to register along with new swimmers and be potentially placed on a waiting list. In addition, a financial penalty may be imposed.

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Volunteer Job Sign-up

Click on the green Job Sign-up link to register to work a specific meet or event job; otherwise you can see a list of the jobs filled by clicking on the red View Sign-ups link.

Your assigned or previously selected jobs will appear for that meet. You can edit these selections by clicking the Sign-up for jobs link.


Hints: Roll your mouse over the "i" next to each job name to view a description of that job. Roll your mouse over the numbers in the Filled column to see who has already signed up for that job.

A list of all meet jobs available for sign-up will be displayed with shift times, slots filled and points (if applicable).

Make your changes by selecting or deselecting the checkbox next to each job, and click the Save Assignments button.


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Volunteer Positions

For each meet, we will need parent volunteers for a number of jobs. It takes everyone to make this team run, so we need your help! Here are job descriptions for various positions:


Requires prior certification through the league, whose clinics cover the legality/basics of each stroke. There are four stroke and turn officials at each meet, two from each team. The stroke and turn officials watch 3 lanes each and make sure the strokes are done correctly.


Prior experience as a timer is required but no certification by MCSL is needed. The head timer is responsible for:

  • starting two extra watches in case they are needed by other timers.
  • assuring that all timers have started their watches at the appropriate time and recorded

their times accurately

  • collecting all timesheet after the race
  • providing timers with support as needed


There are three timers in each lane. The primary responsibility is to start the watch at the start of the race and stop it when the swimmer touches the wall. One of the timers records all three times after each heat and circles the middle time, which becomes the official time for that lane. You get the best seat in the house with this job! No experience is required.


Responsible for taking the time sheets from the head timer and delivering to the automation person after each event.


At home meets, primarily responsible for operating computer and team software to prepare meet entry sheets and to record swimmer times and heat scoring. Prints ribbon labels, event score sheets, and final meet summary. At away meets, assists host team automation coordinator.


Works each meet with the automation coordinator at the computer to check timer sheets and final results summaries for accuracy.


You are the key to keeping a meet on schedule. Responsible for lining up the swimmers by even, heat, and lane and getting them to the starting blocks in the correct order and on time. This job gives you the chance to see your swimmer immediately before his/her event. This position is NOT recommended for parents new to swim team.


Responsible for checking in all volunteers and assuring that all positions are filled.


Responsible for set up and take down all the equipments required to run the meet. This includes, but is not limited to, tables, chairs, tents, and tarps. Also includes support for the concessions team.


Responsible for taking photos of meets and other fun related activities. 

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